Strategic Investment Project

High quality portland cements

E-Block Cement Ltd (EBCL) is the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) created by the project Promoters to develop and operate a new 2.5 million metric tonnes per annum Cement Plant with the extraction of local limestone materials.

The Plant will be located in the area known as Igbogila, Eggua Araramo Ikomi Oba area, Egbado North in Ogun State, Nigeria. The estimated value of the investment is $610,000,000, to be executed over three years and will create about 800 direct employments and over 4,000 indirect employments when in full operations.



Concrete and Aggregates

Diverse range of aggregates

Aggregates are inert granular materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone that, along with water and portland cement, are an essential ingredient in concrete. For a good concrete mix, aggregates need to be clean, hard, strong particles free of absorbed chemicals or coatings of clay and other fine materials that could cause the deterioration of concrete.







Messrs E-Block Nigeria Limited

The E-Block Cement Plant will deploy state-of-the-art equipment for cement manufacture with all necessary steps being taken at each manufacturing stage to minimise environmental impact.

E-Block Cement is being promoted by Messrs E-Block Nigeria Limited in consortium with some Nigerian investors, and international Technical Partners. Messrs E-Block Nigeria Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company established since 1985 and has been involved in the building materials and construction industry.



31st January 2011
Nigerian Federal Ministry of Mines & Steel Development approved / granted E-Block Cement Limited application for the Limestone Mines for the proposed Cement Plant in Nigeria.

17th April 2012
Nigerian Federal Ministry of Mines & Steel Developments issued the Quarry Lease Licence to E-Block Cement Limited of Nigeria


Latest News

10th May 2012 - EBCL Chairman /CEO and had a successful follow up meeting with the Hon Minister, Mines & Steel Development Arc Musa Mohammad Sada and his team in Abuja, and collectively confirm their full support for the proposed EBCL 2.5MT/Y project in Ogun State, Nigeria.

25th February 2012 – E-Block Cement Limited Board signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Satarem of Switzerland for the development of the New 2.5M T/Y Cement Plant in Ogun state, Nigeria.

25th February 2012 – E-Block Cement Limited Board appointed AEO Group of UK to provide overall Project Delivery Management for the proposed New 2.5MT/Y Cement Plant in Ogun State, Nigeria with the estimated construction value in excess of $500M over three years programme.

30th September 2009 – E-Block Nigeria Limited appointed SVD Drilling Venture Co. Ltd, Nigeria to provide Core Drilling investigation to determine the Limestone reserves for the proposed Cement Plant production in Ogun state, Nigeria

24th August 2009, AEO Group of UK appointed Manderstam International Group (MIG), London, UK to provide Technical input to the Feasibility study for the proposed Cement Plant in Oguns State.

27th October 2008 – AEO Group of UK was appointed as the Project development Consultant for the proposed New 2.5M tonnes per year in Oguns State, Nigeria



1st December 2010 - EBCL has secure the local community support for the planned 2.5M/T/Y Cement Plant in Ogun State, Nigeria

11th April 2012 – A high delegation from E-Block Cement Limited and their foreign technical Partners / Financiers visited His Excellence Governor Amosun in Ogun State and his Executive team, who gave full endorsement to the project promoter /investors and encourage early start for the proposed New 2.5MT/Y Cement Plant in Ogun State at investment level of over $500M, creating direct / indirect employment in excess of 4000 across the state.

20th April 2012 – Bank of Industry Limited of Nigeria express keen interest in supporting the proposed 2.5MT/Y Cement Plant development in Ogun State, Nigeria

25th April 2012 – Satarem of Switzerland confirm full financial support to the EBCL proposed 2.5MT/Y Cement Plant

25th August 2012 – Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment endorsed the E-Block Cement Limited proposed New 2.5MT/Y Cement Plant in Ogun State Nigeria