Project Consultants

E-Block (Nig) Limited; the developer has commissioned a combination of international and local experts to advise on the business and technical aspects of the project delivery process. The details of these expert consultants are set out below:

AEO Consulting, UK - International Project Development Consultants

AEO consulting was mandated to provide the overall project delivery leadership and oversees the coordination of the both international and local professional Consultants inputs to the project delivery.

Manderstam Consulting Engineers, UK - International Specialist Cements Consultants

The MIGL was been commissioned to provide the technical input to the feasibility study and also act as general adviser to AEO Consulting on initial planning and development work for the E-Block Cement Plant project.

Satarem Limited - International Cement Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Manufacturing Operations Partners

Satarem, is an international construction company operating in over 50 countries worldwide and equipment supplier for heavy industries which has a long history in, amongst other sectors, the cement sector having worked for nearly all major international cement companies, including, e.g., Lafarge. The Technical Partner has to date realized projects in over 120 cement plants.
Satarem is ISO 9001-2008 certified, has over 200 professional engineers and technical staff and its cement business has an annual turnover of in excess of 500 million USD. It is particularly well known for its research and development efforts into technologies related to the cement manufacturing process, namely, cooler technologies, conveying systems, preheaters and precalciners, ball mills and filters.

Finally, Satarem has, through its affiliation with certain significant hedge funds and private equity companies, extensive financing capability to provide financing for plants in the size of the Project and has in the Co-operation and Framework Agreement with the Project expressed its ability, readiness and interest to provide all of the financing required for the equipment supply and construction works for the Project.

Stevlus Drilling Ventures (SDV) Limited - Geological Consultants

SDV was originally commissioned by E-Block Limited to carry out the initial exploration project to determine the suitability of the raw materials (limestone, shale and Clay) for cement manufacturing on the proposed site. They have now been commissioned to extend the original study into Core drilling contract to determine the proofing reserve or volume of raw material available within the site.

Global Environmental Technology Ltd. ET (Nig) Limited - Environmental Impact Appraisal Consultants

GET was commissioned to work as part of the project development consultants with primary responsibility to provide environmental technical support to E-BLOCK on any aspect of the EIA study in line with the EIA Decree 86 of 1992, and as may be required by Federal Ministry of Environmental of Nigeria (FMENV) and Ogun State Environmental Planning Authority (OSEPA), and will be available for all project reviews, public fora and the EIA study defence as specified in FMENV's EIA procedural guidelines.