Plant Design

The proposed E-Block Cement factory will be located in Ogun State, Nigeria. Nigeria occupies a prime place in the Western Coast of Africa with an area of 923,768 square Kilometres. Landing above the Gulf of Guinea, one has to go north for 1040kms, to reach the border of Nigeria. Lying between the Republic of Benin to the east and Cameroon to the west, its southern coastline stretches to 760kms along the Gulf of Guinea.

Nigeria lies wholly in the tropics and temperatures rule on the higher side. A wide difference of relief and latitudinal range gives great variety to climate and agriculture. Rainfall varies from 300 mm in the south-east to 60 mm in the Lake Chad basin, Ogun and Lagos states experience an annual rainfall ranging from 50-180mm. In Ogun and Lagos, the hottest month is March and the coldest is August; December being the driest month with average rainfall 25mm while June with average rainfall of 460mm is the wettest month.

Ogun State is located in the south western corner of Nigeria with an area of about 25,000Sqkms. The State is bounded by Lat. 60 30' & 70 45’N and Long. 30 00' & 70 30' E. The capital of Ogun State is Abeokuta situated at a distance of 100kms north of Lagos. This state is surrounded by Oyo State in the north, Ondo state in the east, Lagos in the south and the Republic of Benin to the west.

Ogun state is serviced by a network of good motorable roads, covering almost all parts of the state. The famous express highway from Lagos to Ibadan is just few kilometres from the proposed sites. It has road linkages with different parts of the country, which makes transportation from different parts of the country easier. Apart from the major road linkages, there is an access from Abeokuta-Shagamu Express road which is about 3.5km away from the site. Ogun state is well connected by rail link from Lagos. The nearest sea link is at Lagos.
Ogun state has a rolling topography. The general level of the surface rises to the north from about 170m above sea level near Ajebo and to nearly 200m above sea level in the northern parts of the country. The major part of the area of the state consists of plain terrain with occasional gentle elevations. Typically, the outcrops of limestone deposits cut across the Ogun State which has formed the basis of current concentration of many international and local Cement manufacturing factories e.g. Lafarge, Dangote etc, operating within the vicinity of the proposed site plant for the E-Block Cement.